Spa @ Home in London Ontario offers Corporate Wellness Programs for your company’s employees. We have a mobile spa that we can bring to you and your business to treat your employees to services normally found in a hair salon, nail salon and massage spa. We’ve know employee retention is important to you so we’ve come up with a list of creative ways to help improve your corporate culture and therefore help employee retention


  • Give your employees a chance to vent their grievances, large and small, without fear of retribution.
  • An anonymous feedback box is one way of doing this.
  • Studies show that people are more accepting of things they don’t agree with if they feel they are at least part of the process and have been heard.
  • Have periodic reviews with all employees so they can talk face to face with supervisors.



  • Publicly recognizing performance excellence makes employees feel that their work is not going unnoticed.
  • Who doesn’t like a pat on the back?
  • Even something as small as a thank you card or a gift card can be a great way  of saying thanks for a good job.


Time off

  • Rewarding employees with extra time off is a great way to reward a job well done.
  • Did your team just finish a huge project that required overtime and super-human effort? Give them a three day weekend as a reward!


Little Treats

  • Initiate a daily theme of little treats for your staff.
  • Have Have Mocha Monday, Taco Truck Tuesday, Bagel Wednesday, Popcorn Thursday, and Donut Friday.


Big Treats

  • Have a corporate wellness program for employees to take advantage of.
  • Hire Spa @ Home to offer hair salon, nail salon and massage services.
  • Introduction to Yoga classes to help your employees be healthy and mentally focuses


At Spa @ Home, we know that good employees practice self care and a great employer facilitates that. Call today and book us for an employee appreciation day for your office.